2018 in Review (Amanda's List)

A year ago today, I put together my first “best of” list and from there Vince and I launched Stille Records. 2018 has been a great year for us - many records sold, an addition to our family, and continued enjoyment of our downtime. Even though a “best of” list signifies the end of the year, the beauty of these lists is that you can continue to revisit the music from the previous year. There have been some albums that should have made my list last year (namely the Frankie Rose album) and others that could have been dropped or rearranged. The music still exists and evolves with each listen. This year, my album of the year is truly beautiful and is a reflection of my year. The vocals on Thou’s Inconsolable are breathtaking and emotional - the music fills a room and hugs the listener. I cannot get enough of Thou - thankfully they put out enough music to satisfy most listeners.


  2. Windhand - ETERNAL RETURN

  3. Super Unison - STELLA

  4. Author & Punisher - BEASTLAND

  5. Rhye - BLOOD

  6. Bongripper - TERMINAL

  7. Sleep - THE SCIENCES

  8. St. Vincent - MASSEDUCATION

  9. Miserable - LOVERBOY / DOG DAYS

  10. Jeff Rosenstock - POST

  11. Ragana/Thou - SPLIT

  12. Courtney Barnett - TELL ME HOW YOU REALLY FEEL


  14. Vile Creature - CAST OF STATIC AND SMOKE


  16. Gouge Away - BURNT SUGAR

  17. Kurt Vile - BOTTLE IT IN

  18. Insect Ark - MARROW HYMNS

  19. Robyn - HONEY

  20. Electric Citizen - HELLTOWN

  21. King Dude - MUSIC TO MAKE WAR TO

  22. War on Women - CAPTURE THE FLAG


  24. Blood Orange - NEGRO SWAN

  25. Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastards/Slomatics - SPLIT


Best of 2018 (Vince's List)

2018 was a great year for us here at Stille. Amanda & I got married, welcomed a baby boy, sold a bunch of records & enjoyed lots of great music. So many great records came out this year; it was hard to choose just 25. Below are my favorite records of 2018, the records I kept coming back to throughout the year.

2019 has much in store for Stille. More store updates, more Record Fairs, more featured records, & a lot of other surprises will be coming your way in the next year. Follow the site or Instagram to keep abreast of the latest Stille updates!

  1. Windhand - ETERNAL RETURN


  3. St. Vincent - MASSEDUCATION

  4. Jesus Piece - ONLY SELF

  5. Mean Jeans - JINGLES

  6. Author & Punish - BEASTLAND


  8. Gouge Away - BURNT SUGAR

  9. Sleep - THE SCIENCES

  10. Vile Creature - CAST OF STATIC AND SMOKE

  11. Jeff Rosenstock - POST

  12. Rhye - BLOOD

  13. Innumerable Forms - PUNISHMENT IN FLESH

  14. Super Unison - STELLA

  15. Courtney Barnett - TELL ME HOW YOU REALLY FEEL

  16. Miserable - LOVERBOY / DOG DAYS

  17. Moloch - A BAD PLACE

  18. Robyn - HONEY

  19. Inexorum - LORE OF THE LAKES

  20. Thou - RHEA SYLVIA

  21. Hirs Collective - FRIENDS. LOVERS. FAVORITES


  23. Judas Priest - FIREPOWER

  24. Pig Destroyer - HEAD CAGE

  25. Soft Kill - SAVIOR


New arrivals - IFB Records

A few months ago, Nevin from IFB reached out to us about carrying IFB stuff in the Stille Records store. We couldn’t be more happy to stock IFB releases at Stille. Not only is IFB run by awesome people…but they release some killer bands!

IFB is a DIY label out of Florida specializing in Hardcore, Punk, Grind, Emo, Metal records from all over the world. Our latest stock from IFB features some incredible artists such as Cloud Rat, Le Almeida, Aureole of Ash, Autarkeia & many more! See the entire list below and check out the record on our shop page. (pictured records are in bold)

  • Aureole of Ash - Morbid Reality 10" - Grindy antifascist hardcore from Germany

  • Aureole of Ash - Morbid Reality CD

  • Aureole of Ash/Jotnarr - Split 7"

  • Autarkeia - Autarkeia LP - Heavy emo from FL with female vocals

  • Autarkeia/Me and Goliath LP

  • Cassus - Separation Anxiety LP - Screamo from the UK

  • Closet Burner - Disappointment, Death, Dishonor LP - Queer hardcore from the Midwest

  • Cloud Rat - Self-Titled LP - Green Vinyl ltd to 300

  • Cloud Rat - Qliphoth LP **** SOLD OUT *****

  • Crowning/Swallows Nest - Split 7" - Crowning is screamo from Chicago

  • Le Almeida - Paraleloplasmos LP - Lo-fi psych pop from Brazil

  • Le Almeida - Todas as Brisas LP

  • Null - Sleepwalking Days LP - Heavy sludge from Alabama

  • Republic of Dreams/Autarkeia - Split 7"

  • Saligia - The New Innocence 10” - Emoviolence from Germany

  • Sigh Down One - Memory is Short Longing LP - Shoegaze emo

  • Tape Rec - Death Friends LP - Le Almeida’s grunge band

  • Weak Wrists - Weak Wrists LP - Hardcore emo with female vocals

Keep an eye on our Instagram page (@stillerecords) for more IFB pics in the days to come.

New Arrivals - Halo of Flies records

halo of flies

Halo of Flies is an amazing label from Milwaukee, specializing in all different types of metal from bands across the globe.  This year alone, they've put out two of the best records we've heard so far (Vile Creature & Closet Witch).

Unfortunately, Halo of Flies is closing up shop soon.  Fortunately, we were able to snag some of their stuff for the Stille shop. 

Check out our shop for LPs from:  Vile Creature, Closet Witch, Archivist, Hexis, Breag Naofa, & Khmer/Livstid (split 10")